About 8yrs ago I dragged myself kicking and screaming (in the words of the Tuākana to my Teina @katebilling) through the door of change.

Around the same time as part of embedding that change into my new existence, I got a tattoo on my wrist. I made KB come with me to get it 😂 and I’ll always remember that she would not come and sit beside me, she waited upstairs – which at the time I was upset about, but soon realized it was another nudge to let me know, I have got this, all on my own.

It says ‘Be the change…’ and it is in my own handwriting.

I wanted it on my wrist for a couple of reasons.

Firstly in my old life, I had self-harmed and every time I looked at my wrists I saw pain and that was a constant reminder of living in my victimhood, ‘what happened to me.’

I wanted to change the script of the story I was repeating. This covered over that story so I wasn’t repeating ‘I am a victim’ to myself.

Instead, I was forming a positive survivor mentality habit and ownership of my behaviour. ‘That happened to me, and I am going to use that experience to inform new positive habits moving forward.

Secondly, one of the most powerful things KB taught me at that time was that it was up to no-one but me.

That me and only me had the power to change my environment, my thought patterns, my behaviour and my perspective.

This quote from Gandhi, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’, was the single most poignant sentence that cut through my own bullshit to remind me of my power.

And I tattooed it on my wrist so that I would never forget it!

Do you have a quote that speaks to your core and lifts you to your higher self? Where could you put that so that you see it daily to remind you how fucking awesome you are?