I have been using my own resources and activities on myself today!

Every year at this time I work on re-evaluating my core values, to see if they have shifted or changed at all. I reflect on where I am at emotionally, mentally, physically, financially and this time round I’m adding spiritually. Then I allow my imagination to go on an adventure and do a little dreaming. I lay down and close my eyes or do some journaling.

If I had no limitations what would I want to be doing, with who and how would my days look. where do I want to be in all areas of my life by this time next year. 🌟

Then I start scaling back to what is physically and literally possible given time, energy and financial limitations. 🪐

When we allow our minds to expand to unlimited potential, it inspires us to see solutions or pathways we didn’t see before. Often when I do this exercise, I have a rush of excitement for the year ahead and strong clarity on what I need to do to make it my reality. What do I want to allow into my life and what might I like to navigate away from that is currently here.🦋 I urge you to give it a go, in a quiet space 😁