1:1 Transformation Alchemy


Work with Tamara to engage with your deepest self and create the world you wish to love in.



Ready to have the hard conversations and engage with your deepest self?

Over six weeks, working organically in the form that works for you and the frequencies on which you vibe, Tamara will assist in tapping in and seeking out your way into improving the world you live in, while creating the world you want to love in.

Utilising extensive resources and experiences in mental health and positive psychology, Tamara will intuitively and compassionately support you through positive behaviour change and into recognising your worth – because your biggest asset in life is you.

Get ready to tap into ancient practices, prepare to be uncomfortable, and allow yourself to step outside the boundaries of our physical world. Get ready to go deep.

The 6 week 1:1 $1999.99 package can be paid however works for you, with payment plans available.