#moodymornings with no filter are becoming a bit of a thing – and that means I’ve finally cracked my morning walk with Toby habit!

We started our 100-day challenge on 20th July and I’ve just broken through the resistance barrier that you get when incorporating a new habit, so that gives this little beauty a 38-day win of implementing a new habit 👏🤩

The purpose of this new habit was to keep Toby and I fit and keep my mental stability on course, the ripple effect good things to come from my positive habit change are that I get to see this beauty every morning which sparks a release of dopamine in my brain creating a motivated attitude for the day, Toby has become better behaved and more connected to my movements as his indicator of how to follow, I’ve met a new friend, Pat, an elder lady with an old rescue dog that just loves my hugs and Toby’s fun nature, I have increased my meditating time when I do it in nature – more clarity, I’m sleeping better and I can feel my legs and butt toning up, which makes me feel strong. I have also got a little project going to figure out which houses I see from the strand match which driveway when I walk back along the street 😂 just to keep it interesting. 💜💙💜💙💜