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The foundation of Tamara’s work, the practice of gratitude is known to improve mental wellbeing through the daily acknowledgement of good things.



Tamara will dive deep with you, seeking out and tapping into your potential, helping you to realise and achieve what you want from life.



Ideal emotional fulfilment for humanity, learn how to tap in whenever you need to. Discover where your joy lies, and how to focus on what brings joy into your life.


The study of the brain and nervous system, neuroscience helps us in understanding the brain’s impact on behaviour and cognitive functions – how people think and how our brains make us who we are.


Mindfulness teaches us how to fully engage with ourselves in the moment, with kindness and without distraction or judgement. This practice lends its hand to gratitude, helping to develop a grateful mindset.


The concept of harnessing potential that exists in the spiritual realm, to ground that energy for humanity in a way that will become the new future.

Nice things people say about me

“I feel so grateful to have Tamara as a support in my recovery. She is incredibly brave, inspiring and emphatic.”

“The first night we met you when you all came back to my house, you and I were sitting on the front porch – talking about our traumas – was probably one of the first times I really had that type of conversation normalised. My super close friends and I have always discussed our trauma but otherwise it’s usually a deeply hidden, shameful secret. Speaking openly and being supported but not treated like a victim blew my mind.

I’ve followed that lead and have started speaking much more openly about it, also not as a victim but as matter of fact, as a normal topic of conversation. From that I’ve grown the confidence to, and very do more openly call people out for shitty behaviour.  I’m so, so grateful for this.”

“4 years ago I started an incredibly vulnerable journey towards being authentic with those in my life, and most importantly with myself. I became honest about my history with sexual abuse with my whanau, who I had never let see this side of me, and with the general public who I interacted with. Tamara was a huge part of that journey for me. I largely felt very isolated as I moved through this confusing, often painful, intense chapter of my life so far.

When I met Tamara I felt awhi almost immediately, she was the first to smile at me while I shared my story, reminding me of the strength and joy and hope it held, instead of the pain I had entwined it with. Tamara’s insight into her own journey, tools she used to help and her tautoko for my own narrative was priceless. I’ll be forever grateful that our paths collided in this way, without Tamara that experience would have been a much more complex one, but she centred me back in my mana, and my hope, and my power to bring that into others. Thank you for who you are, and your continued support in my life, as I continue to evolve as wahine toa. X”

“Tamara brings light and love to whoever she meets. She has a gift that she shares with others in finding the positivity and gratitude within. Arohanui x”

“Tamara Waugh uses her lived experience and deep personal insights to help others to devise their own solutions to problems they encounter along their mental health and addiction journeys. Tamara does not claim to have all the answers, nor to always be right. She is highly adaptive, and situational, and is a fantastic listener.

And ya know what? Often times in this life our world needs more Listeners and fewer Talkers. I particularly like Tamara’s non-prescriptive approach to providing interaction and feedback. It manifests itself by way of offering suggestions, rather than recommendations. These are things you can either take-or-leave, without judgment either way.”

“I remember when we met. I could see the tension in your face. You’d come with a mandate to find a solution to a problem, but the solution needed was for a problem you had no control over. I admired your ability to speak frankly about the project and the personalities behind it without compromising anyone’s mana. No bullshit, but not without compassion… it’s a rare talent. Tamara, I admire your willingness to help others and offer them the benefit of your talents and experience without overcrowding them.

You give them space and time which are so precious. I admire your willingness to lead with your heart. Openness and honesty are two traits I look for in the people in my life. I admire your determination to not let the actions of others determine who we are or the quality of your life. I work along the same lines, so I understand how sometimes that’s an hourly decision. Xxx”

“Tamara helped me to find my voice. She gave me a platform to speak out about the sexual abuse I suffered as a child and the effects that has had in my life as a Male.

Having been a successful business owner and a proud family man, my life all spiraled out of control including costing my marriage through my ex wife’s infidelity and the added stress I was going through due to severe depression and severe PTSD which I was reliving and still do to this day. I struggled to find help and especially any help geared towards males going through similar experiences. Tamara understood what I was talking about and the walk I was going through due to her own life and the issues she had herself lived through.

Tamara has always been a willing ear full of great practical advice and mindfulness techniques.  We need more Tamara’s in this world!!”



“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony” - Mahatma Gandhi